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Borrowers Looking for Hard Money Lenders

You’ve Come to the Right Place… We’re an Asset Based, Direct Hard Money Lender

  • Do you need a Loan for your Commercial or Investment Property?
  • Has the bank turned you down?
  • Do you need the loan NOW, not 6 months from now?
  • Are you hoping to get cash back?
  • Is the property non-conforming and generates little to no income?
  • Do you have blemishes on your credit?

The list of reasons you may be looking at this site are endless, but you’ve come to the right place. At Private Capital Northwest, our asset based lending model is focused on the equity in your property. Of course we want to know about you as a borrower, but our focus is the property securing the loan.

As a direct lender we have the final say in the loan underwriting. Whether you need money to purchase a property, or you’re looking for a cash-out refinance, Private Capital Northwest will provide you with a competitive rate and a quick closing.

If you own a Class A office building, or a brand new apartment complex that is fully leased, we really want the opportunity to help you; but we also want to loan you money if you have a piece of raw dirt or a partially leased retail strip center with non-credit tenants. We will look at all property types, except owner-occupied single family homes, within the state of Washington, Oregon, or Idaho.

Contact us today.

Private Capital Northwest – Hard money lenders, offering hard money real estate loans, bridge loans, raw land loans, private money loans, direct lender services, asset based loans, non-conforming loans, commercial real estate loans, and more.


Disclosure: Private Capital Northwest is not offering to buy or sell securities. Private Capital Northwest is not a licensed mortgage broker in any State and does not offer financing for owner occupied residential properties, consumer loans, or loans for household use.