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About Us | Real Estate Hard Money Lenders in Seattle Area

private capital northwest private lenderAbout Private Capital Northwest

Private Capital Northwest is a real estate hard money lender.  We are based just north of Seattle, WA.  Private Capital Northwest formed during the recent economic recession to help facilitate real estate loans banks wouldn’t or couldn’t fund.  We pride ourselves on making common sense loans to uncommon scenarios.  That being said, we really like the easy deals too!

The three principals of Private Capital Northwest have nearly 70 years of combined experience in both the financial services industry and in real estate development.  We are experts in finding ways to assist borrowers in achieving their needs.

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Private Capital Northwest – A real estate hard money lender offering hard money real estate loans, bridge loans, raw land loans, private money loans, direct lender services, asset based loans, non-conforming loans, commercial real estate loans, and more.